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Of Two Lands

Travel Cinematography | E-book

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For more than 10 years I have been sharing my travel content online, and I always get asked about how I create my videos, especially when it comes to the cinematography.

This 42 page E-book combines my experience, process, tips and I show you how I make these videos from start to finish.

I go in depth into the process of making my travel videos from planning to the actual filming, all the way to post-production and marketing.

And you can print it or check it directly on your phone or computer.

This E-book is meant to give you an insight into my work but also encourage you and inspire you to go out and create your own travel content.

And hopefully I can show you a different way to do it.

The content provided is built on years of my own experience shooting travel videos around the world in varied environments and situations, and I split the content in 3 main parts to make it easy for you to read and refer to.

In addition to tips and explanations you will also find hyperlinks to videos, direct links to the gear in use, as well as a check-list for you to take on your next trips.

Enjoy and happy shooting!

*Please note, this is an E-book not a physical product.